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    Hello, my name is Jay McBain and I've been providing quality "Paintless Dent Repair" to "Cape Ann" & surrounding communities for over 17 years.  I've had the opportunity to successfully tackle many different types of dents on many different types of automobiles over the length of my career.  Damages such as your typical door ding annoyances, to nasty side swipes and the horror of heavy hail damage.  Vehicles ranging from the modest compact commuter car to the exotic sports car or antique and everything in between.
    The majority of my career has been spent in-house working for one of the largest "Paintless Dent Repair" companies in the country.  During that time my clients were required to bring their vehicles to me at our local office.  Now on my own, I am mobile and  bringing this great service directly to you at your home or office.
    So... What is "Paintless Dent Repair"?  "Paintless Dent Repair" or "PDR" as it is known in th industry, is the art of removing small cosmetic dents by re-sculpting your vehicles metal back to it's original shape from behind the damaged area without the need for fillers or paints.  Using specialized tools, most repairs can be done without ever taking anything apart from within your car.   The best candidates for "PDR" are usually door dings & creases, grocery cart dents, hip checks, light side-swipes baseball hits, branch damage and hail or acorn damage.

    How long does it take and what does it cost?  Most repairs take less than an hour but some larger more complex repairs could take a few.  Hail and acorn damaged cars can usually be done within 1-3 days depending on severity.  Conventional repairs, due to the processes involved, can take days and sometimes weeks in comparison.  The cost of a "PDR" repair varies depending on the type of damage being worked on.  Most single repairs the size of a grapefruit or smaller will run between $90- and $220- with multiple damages or severe damages possibly running higher.  Regardless of the final price, "PDR" is always a fraction of a traditional body-shop repair. 

    What are the other benefits to choosing the "PDR" method?  A few of the other reason one would want to consider "paintless dent repair" are... "PDR" retains the value of your automobile by not impacting the factory finish with fillers and paints.  "PDR" is easily mobile so the service can come to you and mesh with your busy schedule.  Lastly, since it doesn't require the fillers, paints and harsh chemicals that conventional repairs require, "PDR" is environmentally friendly.

    Can all dents be repaired with "PDR"?  No, there is still a place for the conventional repair methods of the body-shop.  Since "PDR" depends on many factors to be successful, some dents just aren't candidates.  Some areas on every vehicle just aren't accessable for the tools, and some dents are just too severe.  Remember, this method is for cosmetic damages with little or no paint or structural damage.

(Mobile service available within a 25 mile radius of Gloucester, MA)

   (978) 491-0087  www.facebook.com/dentmanj


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